Volunteers cooking a meal outdoors for the 280 children waitimg for lunch - often their only meal in the day.

Projects Planned for Woodhouse Community Care Base

There are a number of projects recently completed, and others "in the works" that will significantly improve the ability of the Centre to care for their children.

1. Food Preparation Facility

Over the past year we have worked towards improving a preparation area for food. We now have a small kitchen with only 2 gas burners, fridge and a freezer. Running water is still lacking. It is a priority to improve this area. It is a challenge to provide 250+ meals a day with the limited resources currently available!!

2. Sick Bay/Infirmary

The children often have childhood illnesses. We are striving to get an area where we can look after sick children. If they have to stay home because of illness, they often go without a meal that day, or are left with an older sibling that will miss school to look after a sick toddler.

3. Baby Nursery

October 2015 construction on a nursery for children younger than 18 months was started. Proper nutrition is especially important during this stage, as the brain is rapidly developing at this age.

4. Contributing Towards Running Costs

Providing basic food supplies for 250 meals per day and propane/gas for the burners.

5. Child-Headed Families

Children often lose both parents to AIDS, tuberculosis or violence. We strive to keep children in their own home, with the help of volunteers, and provide them with the daily necessities of life. The area does not have other care for these children and the best way to help them not to become street children is to keep them in caring communities, and in their own homes.

6. Transport

WCCB desperately needs a van or small pick-up truck. Currently they have to rely on taxis as there is no public transport. Buying and transporting groceries for 250 meals a day in a taxi is nearly impossible and very costly. We would like to buy a vehicle and provide for the running costs and insurance.

Long Term Goals

We are aiming to support the Woodhouse Community Care Base in sustainable food production and employment opportunities.

  1. Developing a community garden and chicken farm will provide the ability to grow culturally appropriate food, both for use at the Care Base and to sell.
  2. Working with local and international colleges and universities to train young adults in the Mataffin community to become entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to make sure that at least 90% of the money you donate goes directly to the children.

Location of Woodhouse Community Care Base, Mataffin, Mpumalanga province, South Africa

Four children enjoy their free meal at the Care Base.

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