Feed a Belly, Feed a Mind

Woodhouse Children Relief Fund

Supporting the children and community of Mataffin, South Africa.

Everyday volunteers prepare meals for the children who come to the Woodhouse Community Care Base for lunch. For many of the 280 children, this meal will be the only nourishing meal of the day.

Woodhouse Community Care Base (WCCB) is located in Mataffin, Mpumalanga province, South Africa. The community is desperately poor. The few employment opportunities available are only seasonal and people work for hunger wages. AIDS has devastated the area and many children are orphans or live in single parent or child-headed households.

Malnutrition and lack of early childhood programmes have led to poor cognitive and socio-economic development in the children. Proper nutrition is very important during the earliest years of life when the brain is developing. This is where WoodHouse Children Relief Fund (WCRF) can make a difference!

The WCRF was established by a group of Nova Scotia health care workers who visited the Centre in South Africa. We saw first-hand the work of the dedicated workers. We met the children attending the Care Base. By adding our financial support through the WCRF, we are changing the lives of these children and the community.

Over 200 meals per day are prepared on this gas stove and outdoor wood fires.

Over 200 meals per day are prepared on this gas stove and outdoor wood fires.

Learn more about Woodhouse Children Relief Fund: how we got started, our planned projects, and why we ask you to donate to this fund.

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